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Platinum - Iridium Fusion

Fused iridium and platinum center electrode

If you're looking for the very latest in spark plug technology, look no further than Bosch Platinum Ir Fusion. Fusion features a patented, fused iridium and platinum center electrode, combined with exclusive surface air gap firing technology to produce a longer, more powerful spark.

Its four yttrium-enhanced ground electrode design outperforms OE iridium plugs by significantly reducing gap wear. This means less stress on the ignition system for quicker starts, more efficient fuel combustion, and a longer performance life.

In addition, Fusion's voltage requirement increases less over time versus other iridium plugs for longer reliable performance of the vehicle's ignition system

Highest Performance and long Service life

Platinum and iridium, the Platinum and iridium, the best of two technologies, are compined in this Bosch Spark plug. Providing ultimate engine performance without increase of voltage requirement, the Fusion also opts for longest service life (up to 100000km) and highest engine protection.
The revolutionary surface gap firing technology features multiple spark paths and deliver most powerful sparks for maximum horsepower. Surpassing competitors iridium spark plug specification, the bosch Fusion provides superior operation at all driving conditions.

Find out which Fusion spark plugs fits your car!

ModelSpark PlugTypeOrder NumberPrice Rs.
A6 3.0FUSIONFGR 7 DQI02422359642200/Set