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Automotive Lubricants from Bosch


Bosch Lubricants

  • Conforms to prevalent standards (API, SAE, JASO, ISO-E GC, as relevant)
  • Complete range of engine and gear oil

2T / 4T Engine Oil

Improves engine performance

  • Reduces wear of engine parts
  • Protects against rusting
  • High resistance to piston scuffing
  • Lower emission levels

Monograde / Multigrade Engine Oil

  • Reduces friction, dissipates heat - minimises wear
  • Protects against sludge - maximises engine life
  • Multigrade Engine oil has optimal viscosity - reliable for all-weather operation.

Gear Oil

  • Anti-wear properties - minimises metal to metal contact.
  • Stable viscosity - reliable for all weather operation
  • Oxidation resistance - prevents formation of sludge