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How do we clean do it?

Evaporator Core—The a/c evaporator is like a small radiator but instead of containing hot antifreeze it contains cold Freon gas. The cold Freon gas passes through the evaporator thus making the evaporator very cold.

The a/c blower fan is located behind the evaporator and blows air across it and that cold air travels through the dash duct work and out the vents inside the car.

Consider the evaporator like a block of ice in your hand and when you blow across it like the blower fan you get cold air.

The a/c water you see dripping from under the passenger side of the car is coming from condensation at the evaporator core.

Automatic AC Gas Recharge/Filling

AC EQUIPMENT ISC TRONIC FULL AUTOMATIC Air-condition Ozone friendly, Full Recovery/Recycle of R134 Freon Gas. Fully Automatic AC gas filling systemAC Automation equipment

The Tronic is a strong, reliable and technically advanced machine.

It can be used either manually or automatically to perform recovery and recycling, oil separation, vacuum leak testing, oil injection and R134a refrigerant refilling functions.

 Tronic features:

  • Full-automatic reclaiming, recovery, recharging for refrigerant, vacuumizing and leak-checking.
  • All the operations are computer-controlled, with built-in instruction.
  • Adopted with the scale sensors which has PTB(Germany) certification, making the reclaiming and recharging amount more accurate; Give an alarm while finished.