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CAS "Computer Aided Service"

Bosch KTS 550

For fast and efficient vehicle diagnosis. The KTS 550/570

The digital revolution in the automotive industry hasn’t bypassed the workshop. Increasingly more complicated vehicle components and their networking to systems are turning vehicles into “mobile computers”. This results in professional repairs and maintenance requiring qualified diagnosis. Now it is highly impossible to diagnose a car manually.

With regard to diagnostics, Bosch supports us with a comprehensive range of system knowledge, technical and commercial information, innovative testing technology coupled with technical advice and practical training courses.

Diagnosis professionals: powered by ESI[tronic]

Bosch’s new KTS-550 diagnosis equipment together with the ESI[tronic] software presents the perfect combination of hardware and software for efficient error analysis on the vehicle. Makes it possible to read out error memory, analyze live data compare it with actual values and erase error memory.


  • ISO systems of European vehicles
  • SAE systems for American and Japanese vehicles
  • CAN protocols for testing state-of-the-art CAN bus systems in new vehicles
  • Direct connection via OBD multiplexer cable or universal adapter cable with vehicle-manufacturer specific adapter cables to the diagnosis plug
  • Software automatically controls OBD multiplexer thus dispensing with the need for troublesome changing around of communication connections ECM (Electronic control module) diagnosis, Airbag, ABS etc
  • They enable fast and qualified repairs to be made and thus in turn they serve as guarantors for customer satisfaction.


CAS[plus] is a unique connection of control-unit diagnosis data with the data in the Service Information System (SIS) within the ESI[tronic] software.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Saves time through unique identification of the vehicle
  • Convenient: simultaneous display of control-unit diagnosis values and troubleshooting instructions (SIS) on one screen
  • Efficient: all nominal/actual values can be viewed at a glance and printed as a protocol
  • Supporting almost all new generation cars on Indian roads.